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Another question submitted to was answered! Keep those questions coming!

“What are some significant barriers that you have seen, and how have you seen God overcome them?” – Neil


As we were discerning where God would have us serve, we felt a strong pull to one location. But I really struggled with the idea of living in such an unstable place. I don’t consider myself brave. I’m not a risk taker. I’m kind of a scaredy cat.

As my husband and I were wrestling with the decision of where to go. He felt pretty sure early on that this would be a good fit for us. But the safety issue was a huge obstacle for me. I didn’t think I could do it. But God in his graciousness, didn’t let me see my future.

When the car bomb shook our house, he was there. When the tear gas wafted through our windows, He was there. When the smoke and dust from another explosion cleared, He was there. I still don’t think I’m brave, but by taking the step of obedience to go and then allowing God to walk me through the instability and the war around us, I get to be on the front lines of seeing Him at work. The issue of safety is still a barrier. I’m not going to lie, but God has overcome it for me personally, not by taking it away, but by showing me even more amazingly, allowing me to be part of his work in the midst of the scary.

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