Prepare Your Heart For Christmas…

From December 1 to December 25, let WorldVenture colleagues and ministry partners guide you on a journey of finding joy through trials of many kinds, remembering that every good and perfect gift comes from our Father who dearly loves us. Click here to download your free digital copy of “Every Good and Perfect Gift: Finding Joy in Our Trials” as our gift to you and unwrap the promises of God this Christmas as we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

For those of us who like to journal, each devotional has questions and exercises to help you reflect and respond. Please post your responses on social media using #FindingJoy2021 and tag us at @WorldVenture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We will join you each day through our social media channels and perhaps we’ll see others drawn to the Father during this precious time together.

About The Artist

Faith Hampton is a mixed media artist. Faith writes, “The mystery of art is a part of its charm. If we could grasp it all in one sentence, what would be the point of painting it? I love the fantastical and the extreme, the abstract and the representational. I value work with meaning in addition to beauty, yet in art I still appreciate an aesthetic experience rather than one that is solely conceptual.”

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Read Jeff Denlinger’s Introduction
from the booklet…

At WorldVenture, we understand suffering. And, like Jesus, we do a lot to try to relieve it. We send global workers around the world with the message of the Gospel – that there is eternal life through faith in Jesus and salvation from eternal suffering.

But we also send global workers with the know-how to help alleviate physical suffering in this life. We send medical workers and sustainable business developers. We send counselors and teachers. We send a lot of different people with different expertise who share the same heart that Jesus had to bring hope and healing to those in need.

In that same spirit, my colleagues throughout the world have shared some of their insights on facing the trials of life, how to consider it pure joy when facing these trials, and how to receive the good and perfect gifts from our Father of Heavenly Lights. May these words encourage you this Christmas and throughout the year.

– Jeff Denlinger, President, WorldVenture

Are you a leader of a small group or church? Why not lead your group in a study on this book? If you do, please let us know by emailing Nikole Hahn at You can ask us to pray for your study, send pictures of your group together, and/or share what your group thinks of the devotional.