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Highlights of The Conversation:
  • Keith: “Every day we prayed for an average people group, and they started doing that in 1982.” 
  • Keith: “Muslim and Jewish peoples to remain in the unreached category. So, what we have is even if you’re in a place like Paraguay and Latin America or Bolivia, you’re still going to find if there are any Muslim immigrants. They’re like Arabs or Turks. They remain unreached. The same goes true for the Jewish population.”
  • Gordon: “It just reminded me, you know, that we really need to pray that God will raise up an army of men and women who will take this seriously and who will consider leaving their homeland and spend a lifetime because it takes many, many years in order to make inroads into the lives of these people.” 
  • Gordon: “And it just reminds us of the tremendous opportunities that we have to share the Lord with people that don’t yet know.”
  • Gordon: “Today in love and unity to serve Him and work together and pray that God will impress on His followers his vision for reaching the unreached around the world and pray also for peace and love to prevail among believers as we seek to accomplish his work in our lifetimes.”
  • Keith: “For whatever reason, Jewish people tend to get persecuted. And then there are other times when things get better for them, and things get worse and better and so forth. They’ve had to leave as refugees at times, of course. After the establishment of Israel, a high percentage of them left the Czech Republic just like they left other parts of the world to go live in the nations of Israel.”
  • Keith: “One of the major problems that they have in the Czech Republic is that they want to be able to maintain their culture. And as I see it, you know, there are a small religious minority in this nation, the Czech Republic. And how do they maintain their culture? Oftentimes, they’ll have schools for their children. They may have youth clubs. They have special cultural events where they come together, you know, and they have their own special food that they eat in there and so forth and so on.”
  • Keith: “One of the first things is for spiritual hunger. Typically, Jewish spirituality involves going through rituals and just things that have a very Jewish feel to them. They’re trying to connect with the King of kings, the Lord of Lords, you know, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But something is missing. They missed the Messiah. A lot of times it’s because they lack spiritual hunger.”
  • Keith: “Will there be people there to reach out to the Jewish population in the Czech Republic? Let’s pray for that.” 



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