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Adrienne Livingston, director of Anti-Sex Trafficking Initiatives at WorldVenture, has launched her new Justice Hope Freedom Podcast.

One of Adrienne’s goals is to help educate, equip, mobilize, and connect churches and individuals, locally and globally, to get engaged on combatting the sex trafficking issue.

Adrienne’s podcast is an educational component of this ministry. The purpose of the Justice Hope Freedom podcast is to educate people about the issues of sex trafficking and exploitation and where this issue intersects with other societal ills such as violence, abuse, poverty, gangs, and more.

Adrienne highlights individuals and organizations that are working to bring justice to the enslaved. You can listen to podcast interviews (10-35 minutes in length) from experts, activists, survivors, law enforcement, missionaries, and leaders from Oregon and around the world.

 The first three episodes at are:

Episode 002Human trafficking sergeant discusses domestic sex trafficking, interviews Molly McDade-Hood, Multnomah County, human trafficking sergeant

Episode 003: Interview with an ex-pimp, ex-gang member, and ex-prostitute who is now giving back: the story of Raymond Grant

Episode 004An interview with Aashima Samuel, national director of Evangelical Fellowship of India, about her work with children-at-risk in India and her plight to fight this issue of sex trafficking.

Feel free to suggest topics! If you are a WorldVenture missionary and see this issue impacting your field and can speak about it, consider being interviewed on this podcast to educate others.

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Check out this interview on MetroEast Community TV Talk Show where Adrienne gives an overview of the anti-sex trafficking ministry.

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