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Emergency Medical

If you have a medical emergency that may require evacuation, please contact Kara immediately via phone, Signal or WhatsApp. If Kara is unavailable, please contact Nathan.

Kara Wynn: 720-212-9771 – (cell/Signal/WhatsApp)
Nathan Leonard: 803-443-5953 – (cell/Signal/WhatsApp)
Global Guardian: +1 (571) 230-7537 – (Signal/WhatsApp)

Please err on the side of caution – there is no harm in opening a case that does not end up requiring evacuation. We will immediately establish a case with Global Guardian, whose medical team will work with you and possibly your medical provider to determine the necessary course of action. We do not have an ID# with Global Guardian as we did with our previous organization; Global Guardian will verify your coverage with Nathan and/or Kara directly. While verification is required, Global Guardian will go ahead and start working on your case in the event that Kara or Nathan cannot be reached immediately, but please do start with us. They will need passport information for all potential travelers, so please send us a photo via WhatsApp, Signal or email as soon as you are able.

Download our Global Guardian Evacuation Information Page

Standard Medical

Seven Scenarios Handout (PDF)
For standard medical appointments, not including annual physical exams, we have put together some helpful tips to simplify the process. This handout also includes a brief explanation of our pharmacy benefit and how to use it in the U.S. and overseas.

2024 Aetna Plan Benefit Summary (PDF) Coming Soon
This summary provides a concise overview of our medical plan features, including wellness benefits, vision care, dental care, mental health care, and standard physician care.

2023 Aetna Plan Benefit Summary (PDF)
This summary provides a concise overview of our medical plan features, including wellness benefits, vision care, dental care, mental health care, and standard physician care.


Aetna Medical Claim Form
If you are unable to submit your claim online, you can use this form to mail or fax your claim to Aetna directly. You can also call them to establish direct payment to your bank account if you do not wish to send that information through the mail.


HRA Form
This reimbursement form is to help those who need to travel for care for themselves or a loved one. Reimbursable items are gas and rented vehicles which exceed 100 miles, plane tickets taken to obtain medical care, and $50 per night for hotel stays for the one receiving care and one accompanying family member. Once the form is filled out, please email the document to Medical Help with receipts related to the reimbursement. A reimbursement cap of $300 for individuals and $600 for families is set for each plan year which corresponds to the medical insurance’s plan year.   

Service Websites
Aetna International is the administrator for our health insurance plan. They have a very informative and user-friendly website. You can register for an account through the link above. You may also request Direct Settlement through the website. (For general information on Direct Settlement, please see the Seven Scenarios page.) Once you are signed in at, select the “Find Healthcare” tab on the top left, then select your country and city in the drop-down menus. You can scan the list of providers in your area that already accept direct settlement arrangements with Aetna, or you can use the link above the list to request that Aetna establish a new direct settlement arrangement. Aetna requests 5 business days to connect with providers and provide them a letter of guarantee, so please initiate the direct settlement process at least 5 days before your appointment. Please remember it is the provider’s choice whether or not to accept this arrangement, and some refuse to work with insurance.

JCI – Accredited Organizations
Hundreds of health care organizations worldwide have achieved the Gold Seal of Approval as Joint Commission International-accredited entities. You can search here to see if there are JCI-accredited providers near you. Many of these providers and facilities are already in the Aetna Direct Settlement network.

Aetna vHealth

Aetna’s vHealth service is available to Global Workers while they are overseas. This service allows members to access doctors 24 hours a day via video or telephone. Registration is free and you can use vHealth as often as you need to. We encourage you to register, so you have access when you need it:

1. Visit our Website or download ‘vHealth by Aetna’ from Google Play or the App Store.
2. Click ‘Don’t have an account’ to begin the registration process.
3. Use access code ‘VENTURE’ during registration.

vHealth also covers all dependents on your Aetna Plan. Adult dependents should register for their own account. To book appointments for children, simply log in to your own account and replace your details with theirs during the booking process. To speak to a doctor you have two options: video call or telephone. Video calls are scheduled at a time chosen by you. Telephone calls are not scheduled, instead you can request a ‘Call Back’ and a doctor will contact you at the next available opportunity.

A.I. Assistance

An intuitive AI email service has been created by Aetna providing a great way to receive non-emergency assistance and get in contact with Aetna representatives during all hours. The service is reached with an email that will auto-forward your needs to the correct department. Some ways to use this service include: submiting claim forms and supporting documents, requesting help in finding care, asking about specific claims’ statuses, submiting pre-approval requests for procedures, and asking questions about your coverage. 

As you have good and/or poor experiences with using please inform us of that experience at 

International Medical Care

There are a growing number of exemplary international medical facilities that provide exceptional care at a fraction of the cost of U.S. facilities. We are encouraging our missionaries to explore some of these medical tourism destinations, but we do not wish to sacrifice the quality of care. If you have had a great experience at an international hospital and you would like to recommend it to others, please let us know by emailing We are grateful to Jonathan Stone for providing a fantastic synopsis of his experience at Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand.

Read his review here.



Kara Wynn, R.N.

Medical Consultant
(720) 212-9771

Medical Team

Non-Emergency Assistance
*do not send Personal Health Information (PHI)

Nathan Leonard

Personnel Ministries Coordinator
(720) 283-2000 ext. 2130