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Sports ministry in Bolivia.

A year ago we gave Bless away. It’s been growing since then in a couple of churches. This summer we had a short term team from Michigan that planted seeds for Bless program in the city of Potosi. But right now we don’t do anything except show up and cheer on the local leaders. It’s fun to be a part of. We’re not in charge of Bless, so we wait, pray, and see. Four months ago we sold the carpentry shop. It used to be part of my weekly routine, visit the shop, check on the finance accounts, encourage Alex, build relationships with his workers. Now that Alex bought the equipment, he’s rebuilding the new shop on his own property. I’m not in charge of Alex anymore, so I’m waiting and praying for God working through him and his new business. Bless started as our idea, but then we gave it to local churches and it got better. The Carpentry Shop started as our idea, then we sold it to Alex (a lay pastor) who is turning it into a business where he can pastor employees, and now it has a long-term strategy. Now that we’ve given away Bless and sold the Carpenty shop, what next? We have a crazy idea. What if we stopped “starting things” and helped local churches start their own ideas? What if we went back to grass roots local church development, what would that look like?
Bolivia, Americas