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Palu Tsunami Disaster Relief

This is one of the unreached and unengaged provinces of Indonesia. We already have crosscultural workers on the ground and have others slated to go into this area. We believe we can be effective in the short-term relief and long-term needs such as job-training, re-allocation of people, and career-training. We will also aggressively follow-up with discipleship with spiritually responsive people.

A horrific earthquake and tsunami occurred in Donggala, Palu, Central Sulawesi on September 28, 2018. The current death toll is nearly 1,500. The special project will help to provide physical, emotional and spiritual aid to the survivors, working towards expansion of God's kingdom by using Disciple-Making Movement practices. The special project will help to provide physical, emotional and spiritual aid to the survivors, working towards expansion of God's kingdom by using Disciple-Making Movement practices. Phase 1 - Emergency disaster relief, trauma counseling, looking for persons of peace Phase 2 - Re-building and healing of individuals and communities, Discipleship and follow-up of persons of peace and their families Phase 3 - Reconstruction, Stabilizing, Training up leaders for house churches We will have a strong spiritual basis to all of our relief efforts through daily listening prayer and worship. In all efforts over three years we will incorporate Disciple-making Movement practices of looking for Persons of peace who are open spiritually, discipling through study of God's Word, and forming family groups into house churches. PROJECTS: Central Sulawesi is an area where we have planned to move into for years prior to the tsunami disaster. There are seven large-sized unreached people groups and four unengaged, unreached people groups in this area, making it an extremely spiritually-needy province. This disaster situation provides an excellent opportunity for cross-cultural workers to assist with physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. It creates a natural avenue for believers to enter with God's love and gospel message. We will work in three phases over a three-year period, adopting communities where the survivors willingly participate in their own recovery. The immediate phase includes setting up a base camp to run operations, distribution of supplies such as food, drinking water, medicines, tents and tarps. It will also include initial clean-up efforts, trauma counseling, restoration of light and water sources, installing electricity, and meetings with duty relief officers. The second phase will be continued clean water projects, reconstruction of housing, and helping with interim shelter sites for schools. Long-term will include resettlement of displaced persons including orphans and widows, and job training for employment opportunities through micro economic loans, and home industry projects. Three-year Budget Plan with possibility of Five Years: Total $300,000 PHASE 1 - Contract or purchase of facility for base camp - $30,000 Initial truck for aid distribution and transportation of volunteer teams - $7,200 Optional second work vehicle - $7,000 3 motorbike - $3,000 Immediate supplies - tents, tarps, food, water, emergency supplies, generators - $8,000 Long-term national coordinator - $3,500 annually Transportation for WorldVenture personnel & national personnel overseeing relief, and assisting - 8 Round-trips annually for 3 years - $2,400 annually Maintaining base camp facility - $5,000 annually - water, electricity, telephone, internet, office PHASE 2 - Clean up projects - $5,000 Reconstruction of houses - 20 crude basic homes $5,000 each - $100,000 Interim shelter site - 2 schools $5,000 each - $10,000 Public bath/ toilet facilities - 4 for $3,000 each - $12,000 Reconstruction of churches - $10,000 each - $30,000 PHASE 3 - Job training for employment opportunities. Micro loans - $30,000 Home industry training - $15,000 Explain the needs of this project to encourage contributions. * Provide a detailed estimated
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