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The PTEE is a theological program for the equipping and training of Arabic-speaking church leaders in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the Arab Diaspora. It is a member-based organization, established in 1981 to serve the church of Jesus Christ in the Arab world.

The PTEE provides training for all levels of leadership in the church, including those called to serve as pastors and teachers, and those called to serve in other aspects of community life. It regularly provides leadership education on location for existing and emerging leaders in seven or more Arab countries as well as in Arabic-language fellowships throughout the world. The PTEE is already planning to extend its reach beyond these boundaries and to strengthen its influence within them. Over the past 5 years 200 students have studied with us, averaging over one and a half courses each per year.

The Program presently offers three accredited, university-level, academic awards. These include a 36-course Bachelor of Theology (BTh) degree, a 24-course Diploma of Theology, and a 12-course Certificate of Theology. Students are also required to be involved in various supervised practical ministries in order to gain credit for these also.

Many current students are working towards a BTh, and in order to recognize their progressive achievements the PTEE awards the Certificate of Theology and Diploma of Theology at the appropriate stages along the way toward that final goal.

Development of an extension-based Master of Arts in Theology degree is in progress. This is aimed at helping active leaders to enhance their ministry and leadership abilities.

The extension methodology used by PTEE is regarded by educational experts as providing an excellent approach to holistic leadership training. It is contextually relevant and of strategic importance to the future of the church in the Middle East and North Africa.

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