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Assist with quality medical and spiritual care to patients and teaching of African staff at the Baptist Hospital. Consult with field before buying or shipping any equipment or supplies.

Appropriate training, skill and experience for position and length of stay. Cooperative, dependable, industrious, adaptable, with stamina; having solid prayer base; flexible person willing to work in less than ideal circumstances and with less than up-to-date equipment; able and willing to train and coach African staff in local context; willing to work long hours as needed. Also appreciated are mature believers, interested and experienced in outreach and active in local church. Final length of stay and timing to be discussed based on available personnel at the hospital. Essential to have direct communication between person and hospital prior to arrival so as to help person know what to bring and how to prepare for the experience. Knowledge of French would be helpful.
Observe surgical and anesthetic care of patients. Assess needs and make recommendations. Model and teach anesthetic assistants good and safe anesthetic care, including pre-op assessment and patient instructions and post-op follow up. Teach intubation techniques.
French helpful
French and local languages
Team members are housed on the large hospital compound. Houses are cement block and minimally furnished but with electricity (220) and running water/plumbing. Limited internet and phone service available.
4 surgical blocks all air-conditioned with a recovery room in progress. Work with a trained staff of 5 anesthesia technicians all trained on site and one gov't-trained nurse anesthetist. 61 in-patient beds. Work with 4 American career missionary staff and over 100 African staff.
Cote d'Ivoire, Africa