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Beach Camp Facilities Manager

WorldVenture Senegal needs a hands-on Camp Manager to maintain the camp and manage the calendar. Nestled between a picturesque fishing village and European tourist dominated beaches on the beautiful West Africa Atlantic Ocean Shore, WorldVenture owns and maintains an evangelistic and discipleship retreat center / camp. Young people hear about God, process away from pressure, and come and know Christ. Men, women, pastors and young adults are trained. Churches come and encourage one another building each other up. Retreats, Bible translation consultations, trainings, and vacations make the Ngaparou Beach Camp a place of great ministry and rest for workers doing ministry, producing much fruit across Senegal. Senegal is 95% Muslim and at most .1% Evangelical Christian. While the Wolof are the dominant people group, there are only about 100 known believers among them. You would help us in outreach by having a quality venue for sharing faith.

A huge servant’s heart. A handy man’s ability to repair, build and organize. Hospitable, able to welcome and make people feel at home. (Groups run their own programs and schedules.) Willing to live near the beach camp, 45 minutes away from other WorldVenture missionaries. Self-starter yet willing to work on a team. Spiritually mature. Teachable. Good interpersonal skills. Passionate about God’s Word. Daily devotional life and consistent Christian life. Able and willing to learn languages, French and maybe some Wolof. Willing to live and work among a people who have historically been resistant to the gospel.
Know or learn French, possibly some Wolof. Coordinate camp scheduling. Receive and checkout guests and groups. Maintain the camp grounds. Improve the camp facilities. Participate in team life, especially prayer. Help team with our facilitating functions in areas of expertise or need.
Live in Ngaparou, near the ocean and beach camp. Live in either an apartment or rented house. Senegal is hot and humid July – November. Right by the ocean is more pleasant. The camp is 45 minutes to Thies and 1.25 hours to Dakar by new toll road. There are plenty of grocery stores close by and other services that Europeans would expect because of tourists. There are French and Bi-lingual (English/French) grade schools in the area and a British system boarding school a bit further away. WorldVenture part owned Dakar Academy (K-12) is in Dakar.
We are a small team who are all passionate about equipping and encouraging the church in Senegal. We believe in prayer and meet often to pray together. We all get along well and enjoy spending time together. We would welcome you to join us and we would stay in close contact with you – by phone and occasional visits.
Senegal, Africa