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Bible College Teacher / Discipler

Rwanda is at a historically critical moment. Being internationally recognized as the leading example of post-war development, ministries in Rwanda have a unique opportunity to prepare for the church in Rwanda leadership that will speak with a Christian voice toward the future of the church and the country. New Creation Ministries (NCM) has an incredible track-record of discipling church leaders using non-traditional methods. And, in light of development within the country, NCM is beginning a Bible college to strategically train Christian leaders at the bachelors degree level.

Masters degree in Bible, theology, divinity or related field. Ability to serve as a team-player. Resilient and adaptable personality. Able to minister "out of the box" (i.e. in non-traditional ways). Strong devotional life. Conviction that God wants you in Rwanda with New Creation Ministries. The WorldVenture missionaries in Rwanda work as a team; the candidate must be willing to work under the leadership of the team and within the context of its benefits and responsibilities.
After language and cultural orientation, teach within NCMs dicipleship programs, current and future. Mentor and disciple NCM students both in relationship and in ministry. Use gifts and talents to contribute to the growth, direction and health of NCMs ministries.
Learn on Field
Kigali is a 3rd world city; Kinyarwanda is spoken by all, English by few; the culture is quite different from western ways; it is an insecure region
Teaching at the NCM center in Kigali Being part of both the WV team and the NCM team. New Creation Ministries is one of the most effective discipleship ministries in East Africa.
Rwanda, Africa