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Business Administration and Marketing Intern

Ideas Workshop is a Discipleship/Skills Training Ministry of Mission Venture, Uganda. We currently train young men in metal fabrication and carpentry. We are developing training in machining on the lathe, mill, and advanced MIG and TIG welding. We have a Ugandan staff of 8 people who help run the workshop and do the training. Three ex-pat volunteers also participate in and lead the workshop. We seek to pass on enough skill and business sense that most of our trainees can go out and set up a small shop to enable them to make money to live on, or at least supplement their income. We have been in operation since 2014. We have two workshop sites, Buwambo (20km north of Kampala) and Kajansi (10 km south of Kampala).
Interns coming would have the opportunity to interact with local male Ugandans who are on our staff and with trainees who are learning welding and carpentry skills. We also teach Bible/discipleship lessons regularly to both staff and trainees. Interns will be able to share their faith openly with all in Ideas Workshop. 5 days a week they would be at the workshop sites interacting with young men. It is our desire the Ugandans would see faith lived out in a training and business setting of our workshop. We wish to teach a good work ethic, honesty, discipline, and skill from which they can make money for the future

Interns coming should be honest and hard-working and morally upright. Volunteers are held up as examples of faith and should exemplify good character. Interns should know their Bible and be able to articulate their testimony, as well as be prepared to lead a Bible study and actively engage in discipleship efforts. *Male interns only
Ideas Workshop has done fairly well in developing the training side of our workshop, but we lack the experience and training in business administration and marketing. We have an IT man helping us develop our website and Facebook page. We need help in creating a good fundraising plan as well as a marketing plan for the ministry to develop. Currently, too much of our funding comes from North America in donations and we need to develop our product line and our marketing strategy. We have designed and built quality playground equipment, but have a problem selling it in the local market that wants good stuff at a cheap price. Interns would use their knowledge to help Ideas with these needs in marketing and sales. Interns will also share their faith openly and in an appropriate cultural way. We anticipate they can pass on their own expertise in their area of college studies. Timeframe: 1-3 months
We are training deaf interns so if any interns coming know international sign language it may help with this training. It is not required.
Interns will live in Kampala, travelling daily to the workshop, or living at the workshop with a local Ugandan family. Being 50 miles north of the equator means the weather is moderate most of the year. We have rainy season and dry season but it never gets cold.
Rural area in a set up workshop.
Uganda, Africa