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Ministry Intern: Cafe Worker/Language Student/Relational Evangelism

This opportunity will be available again beginning in late 2026/early 2027.

Serve God in a café setting in France. Participate in ministry in the context of a Café within a Community Center that is reaching out to recent refugee arrivals and settled migrants in a multicultural neighborhood. You will be able to practice French, rub shoulders with people from over 70 countries of the world, and dig deep into what it means to follow Jesus in this unique context as we plant churches amongst this growing population.
The primary objective will be to serve the ongoing work of the ministry, and so the role will have some flexibility and adaptability in light of the current season of ministry occurring while you are on-field. You will be directly involved with international students from around the world and your service in the café will help impact the refugees we serve on an ongoing basis.

-For the barista position: Must be a trained and experienced barista -For other service roles at the Cafe: Servant’s attitude and open to learning French in the workplace -Able to live independently in a moderately sized urban multicultural context -Desire to understand and learn to grow in community with humility and courage -Willingness to fill in the gaps as needed and go out and make relationships -A growing relationship with Jesus and a desire to learn to speak the Gospel fluently to yourself, our community, and the neighbors we live among Timeframe: 6 months to 2 years
-Engage in the life of a local Church and its communal life -Give at least 10-20 hours a week to working in the café • Café work includes washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, and/or making coffee (depending on previous experience, length of time on the field, and needs in that season of ministry) -Devote at least 5 hours a week to language learning, but up to 15 hours if possible • Meet other international students and work to build relationships between the classroom and the coffee shop -Build Relationships • Possibilities are English Conversation Clubs, bible studies with international students through InterVarsity, creative ministry unique to you -Participate in weekly debriefing/mentoring meetings
None required, but French is a priority
French, Arabic, German, Spanish
Urban Apartment living with or without a roommate; city center of 300,000 people; close to public transport; everything in walking distance and biking is very useful
A communal workspace with lots of interaction with people of different languages and cultures; clear framework of work responsibilities with follow-up and mentoring
France, Europe MENA