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Cross-Cultural Ministry Internship

Gain valuable experience working with children of families in Diaspora, (living outside their traditional homeland) in a local community center context.

A growing relationship with Jesus Christ. A willingness to live communally and serve sacrificially. A servant's heart and a desire to learn how to effectively share the Gospel in a multi-cultural ministry context. A heart open to ministry to followers of Islam. Minimum age: 18 years old. Time length: 2-3 months. Female interns only. Maximum of two interns at a time.
Help teach ESL for primary school aged girls as part of after school program. Utilize curriculum that has been custom developed for the unique learning needs of our students. ESL classes are conducted in small groups of 4-6 students at a time. Each group consists of students that are of the same grade level. Most of the kids are from North African families who live in the neighborhood around our community center. For most, their first language is either Moroccan Arabic or Riffian Berber with Spanish being the language they learn in school. Even though it is their second or third language the kids are usually more proficient in Spanish than they are in their parents' mother tongues. The Spanish school system requires students to study English from preschool all the way through 10th grade as part of their core learning. For the kids in our program this means at 4 or 5 years old they are already dealing with three or four languages with English being the most challenging. Our program is designed to help these kids and their families survive the challenge. The kids start in our program when they are in the first grade. Given that we have a limited number of openings we select the children that need the most help and have the fewest resources.
Spanish helpful
Spanish, English
Spanish home-stay.
Community center outreach ministry located in a low income neighborhood of Madrid.
Spain, Europe MENA