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Discipler of Women

Join the team in Rwanda in the ministry of discipling women in the Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda. These women are eager to grow in Christ!

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in Bible or related field (Master’s degree preferred so that she can also teach), a heart for people, an interest in serving adult learners in both formal and informal discipleship situations, desire to empower and equip women to grow in their capacities and in their spirituality. Experience in discipleship. Motivated self-starter and dedicated team player.
Listening, supporting, encouraging, and teaching the growing number of female students at the Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda (CLIR). If candidate has a master’s degree in Bible or theology, teaching at CLIR would also be included.
English, Kinyarwanda
Kigali is a 3rd world city. Although Kinyarwanda is the primary language used in Rwanda, this person will have the freedom to operate in English and use an interpreter when necessary. Students in CLIR are from multiple countries. So, while Kinyarwanda may be helpful, there are some students who do not necessarily speak the local language. This is an insecure region of the world.
The candidate would be a part of a team of teachers, theological educators, disciplers and counselors, both Rwandan and ex-patriate (USA, UK, etc.) within New Creation Ministries. Additionally, the candidate would be part of the close-knit WorldVenture Rwanda team
Rwanda, Africa