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English Teacher for Seminary

English was declared a national language of Madagascar in 2007. However the majority of the Malagasy people don’t speak or understand English despite the great desire and need.CEFOI, a Seminary that WorldVenture has worked with in the past, desires an English teacher for their students, as well as their professors and staff members. English is vital as Madagascar lacks quality study books and other resources in the Malagasy language. CEFOI stands for Centre Evangelique De Formation De L’Ocean Indien. It is a bible school built in 1991 in order to respond to many young Christians’ desire to receive evangelical and theological training in Madagascar.
The school is under the umbrella of CEIM (Communaute Evangelique Independante de Madagascar). The main purpose is to train people to become mature leaders who will in turn train others in their own Christian churches/associations. To date, 300 students have graduated from CEFOI Seminary and most are now pastors or leaders in Christian organizations throughout the island.

Age 25 or older. Willingness to learn Malagasy. Good communication and interpersonal skills with a spirit of learning and being a team player. Vision trip required.
Use existing English curriculum or develop English curriculum for use with various student levels.
French is helpful.
Living in an American style home in the capital city of Antananarivo where there is endless opportunities for ministry as well as a great missionary community. Though one of the poorest countries in the world, Antananarivo is a growing city that is developing rapidly. The climate is wonderful year round and beauty abounds!
A classroom will be provided at CEFOI Seminary. Two of our main Malagasy ministry partners in the Madagascar field office work and minister closely with CEFOI Seminary and the church. Both have been working with WorldVenture for nearly 20 years and are invaluable as friends and partners to the work that is done by WorldVenture in Madagascar. Our administrator and translator, Francisca, speaks excellent English, French and Malagasy. She is married with two school-aged children. Germaine is our liason with the government offices. He speaks Malagasy, French and a little English. He is married with adult children. Both will be available to partner with the missionary.
Madagascar, Africa