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ESL Teacher to Adults

Teach English to adults at an established English center in a capital city of North Africa. There are also evening conversation clubs which help strengthen students’ abilities to speak and understand English. Through teaching and conversation groups, relationships are built for sharing with students the Hope that is within us.

Available time frames: 2 months, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 1 year or more

Candidate should, however, enjoy teaching, enjoy being with people, be flexible and ready to learn from others, and be willing to live in a 3rd world environment where the “comforts of home” are not always available. Previous experience teaching English &/or an ESL degree or CELTA certificate is helpful, but not required. Minimal knowledge of French or Arabic is also helpful, but not required.
Teach 1-2 classes per session (a session lasting 10 weeks), with the possibility of leading 1-2 conversation groups per week. Participate in team meetings twice a month, as well as being a regular attender in a local, English-speaking fellowship. The candidate will also have regular coaching and follow-up by the supervisor(s) throughout his/her time in-country. We ask that candidates use discretion when communicating with others about this placement, since it is an Islamic republic. Please do not use the name of this country in any communications (especially in emails or websites), or use terms such as “evangelism,” “church planting,” etc., in your newsletters and communications. In personal, face-to-face discussions you may be more frank about your placement. We encourage candidates to establish friendships with locals and to learn some of the language and culture while here. There may also be opportunities to travel outside of the capital to experience life in other areas of the country.
This country is an Islamic Republic and is considered 3rd-world, with frequent challenges to life and work, such as occasional water and electric cuts and off-and-on internet, a desert climate (heat & dust), and widespread poverty. Open witnessing on the streets is not possible, but through relationship-building people are able to observe your faith intersecting with everyday life, and opportunities often arise to share about this faith.
The candidate will be working at an English center located very close to the center of town. This center was established in 2003 as a book store and library. In 2005 the center began teaching English to adults. This center is well-known in the city, and has a good reputation. Courses are usually 10 weeks long (though intensive 5-week courses are sometimes offered), and students meet two times/week for two hours per session for a total of 40 hours. Our center uses the New Headway curriculum.
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