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In northern Ivory Coast less than 1% of the people are believers. Join WorldVenture and the national church in building relationships and sharing Christ.

Burden for outreach among lost and skill in evangelism. Desire to learn new methods to reach people without Christ. Cooperative, dependable, industrious, adaptable, with stamina, having solid prayer support base. Willing to hang out and build relationships to share Christ. Also appreciated are mature believers, interested and experienced in the local church ministry. Helpful if able to learn multiple languages. Desire to help the church grow into new communities and ethnic groups working with and through the local church.
Build relationships and share Christ through those relationships. Participate in local non-Dioula churches to encourage them in outreach to Dioula. Seek creative ways to have contact with Dioula. Pray for Dioulas. Participate in team and field activities.
French learned in France or Quebec Dioula learned in Ivory Coast
French and Dioula
Live on the former ICA (International Christian Academy) Campus. Since the coup attempt in 2002 French troops have also been stationed there and provide security. As peace comes one might live in town, closer to the people you would be targeting.
Very few missionaries and few westerners because of the conflict that has gone on in the country. We believe now is the time for people to begin training for ministry in northern Ivory Coast. In a worst case situation of continuing conflict you could use the same languages to minister to majority peoples in neighboring countries. Work with Rod and Angelika Ragsdale who are passionate and very skilled at outreach. You would learn tons from them and gain from their experience. They want people to join with them in their ministry. The WorldVenture related team in Cote dIvoire is becoming multi-national. In the future it is possible that team meetings will be conducted in French, the language of CI of international exchange.
Cote d'Ivoire, Africa