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Lending Library Intern

Bright Horizons Lending Library is a unique resource available to both the Ugandan and ex-pat community. The focus and original driving force behind establishing this library is to support homeschooling families. For ex-pat families, the library offers a familiar and dearly missed opportunity to access hundreds of books. For Ugandan families, this is a brand new experience and has opened up the world of reading for pleasure and for learning in a largely oral-based culture.
Interns coming would have the opportunity to interact with children and parents from Uganda and other nations. The library membership is comprised of local Ugandan families and expatriate families, both missionaries and business/diplomatic.
Most of these families are homeschooling their children, but there are families who choose to have a membership with kids in school. There are still over 1,000 books left to catalog and add to the already 5,500+ books on the shelves. Additionally, there are games, DVDs, audiobooks, puzzles, and more that need to be cataloged. With the help of an intern, the library hours could be expanded from the current 2 afternoons a week. Story hours and reshelving of books would be part of the interns’ responsibilities as well. Because the library is in our home the intern would also experience the routines of a missionary family.

Interns coming should be honest, enjoy children and books, be creative, and hard-working. This opportunity is a mix of individual data entry work and full-on people time. English is the primary language of education here so everything will be done in English. It's a chance to mentor children, encourage mothers, and experience missionary life in Kampala.
Most children come with their mothers, so interns will interact mostly with children and their moms during library hours. Interns will help catalog books, games, DVDs, puzzles, etc. into a library database, put spine labels on books, repair books, reshelve books, help with story hours, etc. Because it is summer break for international schools, there is the opportunity to offer various activities. In previous summers we organized weekly craft, wood workshop, drama, gymnastics, swimming, and sports classes. The classes offered to depend entirely on the interest and skills of the intern. Additionally, the intern will live with our family; we have three children ages 13, 13, and 8, so this is a fantastic chance for someone hoping to serve in missions to experience both the exciting and the everyday aspects of missionary life. Timeframe: 1-3 months
Interns will live with the missionary family in Kampala.
The library is in the attached garage of the family's home.
Uganda, Africa