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Medical Doctor – Internal Medicine – URGENT!

Assist with quality medical and spiritual care to patients at Baptist Hospital (BH) in Ferkessedougou or the Baptist Health Care Center of Torogo (BHCT). Doctors are needed in both locations. Share Christ in evangelism & discipleship.

Appropriate training, skill and experience for position and length of stay. Knowledge of tropical medicine and surgery a plus. Cooperative, dependable, industrious, adaptable, with stamina, having solid prayer support base, flexible person willing to work long hours and take evening/night call as needed. Also appreciated are mature believers, interested and experienced in outreach, active in local church. Knowledge and experience in working with HIV/AIDS cases and TB would be very helpful. Some French would be helpful.
Long term people need to learn the French language. Consult and treat out-patients (clinic) with particular interest and time spend with the HIV/AIDS and TB cases that are increasing. Perform surgery and emergency care according to ability and desire to learn. Share in care of hospital patients, administration and other duties as they arise. Participate in evangelism and discipleship ministry of the hospital. Possilbe supervision and training of personnel in Community health program.
French helpful
French, English
Team members are housed on the same property as the health care facility and in Mission housing. Houses are cement block and minimally furnished but with electricity (220) and running water/plumbing. Limited internet and phone service available.
At the BH - 61 bed hospital, 6 air-conditioned consultation rooms. Work with three African physicians, including one with formal surgical training. Spinal, local and ketamine anesthesia available. On-site laboratory and radiology including ultra-sound. 4 surgical blocks all air-conditioned with a recovery room in progress . Work with 4 American career missionary staff and over 100 African staff. At the BHCT - work with a staff of 35 Christian national employees 3 of which are government trained nurses and one gov't trained pharnacy assistant as well as one US RN/FNP. The clinic see 150-200 patients daily M-F around 100 on Saturdays and 20 on Sundays. Plans call for a short-term hospitalisation unit and a small maternity to be built within the next 2-3 years.
Cote d'Ivoire, Africa