Physician with Obstetric/Midwifery Skills

Did you know that the lifetime risk of a woman in Madagascar dying during pregnancy or childbirth is 1 in 45? Looking for a team of licensed midwives (Foreign and Malagasy) and a physician with obstetric/midwifery skills as we open a birth center on the northwest coast of Madagascar. The goal of the birth center is to provide quality prenatal care, safe labor and delivery support as well as postpartum care and education to young women in the community. We hope that the birth center will be the heart of a larger womens center which seeks to provide life skills, job training, education and hope to women, single mothers and widows. Seeking long-term partners for this exciting new ministry. For more information on this ministry: check out the website of Jamie and Alissa Shattenberg at

Female. Experienced certified professional midwife, certified nurse midwife or medical physician with obstetric/midwifery skills.
Perform all aspects of prenatal care and screening, delivery support for mother and baby as well as postpartum care for the mother/baby unit, including education for nutrition, family planning, child bonding, etc. Must be able to work independently.
English, willing to learn Malagasy, French helpful
English, Malagasy, French
The womens center will be located in Mahajanga, the 2nd largest city in Madagascar located on the northwest coast. Living arrangements will be in a modern house with running water, electricity, internet, etc. The landscape of this island nation is as rugged and beautiful as its people.
Work with a team of dedicated practitioners with a similar focus to see women, their babies and their families supported and protected during the prenatal and postpartum periods and during the delivery process. This team will meet weekly for prayer, encouragement, debriefing of events, peer review, education and strategizing. Likewise, individuals joining the Madagascar field through WorldVenture will participate in larger WorldVenture annual or biannual meetings.
Madagascar, Africa