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There’s a lack of quality medical care in Madagascar. Pioneer the establishment and operations of a family practice medical clinic in the city of Mahajanga on the Northwest coast.

Family practice physician with 3 years experience after residency. Self-starter, pioneer in spirit. Minimum stay is 4 years. Vision Trip required. Must know French before arriving on field. Learn Malagasy once in country.
Develop all aspects of a family practice medical clinic, including but not limited to policies and procedures, charts, supplies, training of staff, developing an onsite pharmacy and laboratory and the continued provision of quality medical care.
The urban city of Mahajanga is situated on the northwest coast of Madagascar and is the second largest city on the island. Mahajanga has two seasons, hot and dry and hotter and humid. The Indian Ocean and pools in the area help with this! Mahajanga has consistent electricity, internet and water.
This is a complete start-from-the-ground up medical clinic. Ideally this individual would work with a team of 1-2 other foreign medical missionaries to launch this medical clinic. Having done this with the Sarobidy Maternity Center, Jamie and I are available to help in a supportive role with many aspects of this endeavor. Ideally there would also be Malagasy physicians and nurses working at the medical clinic and therefore there would also be a huge emphasis on proper training of staff. Financially this medical clinic would need to begin with donations and then with hopes that it could be partially if not fully self-sustaining. The medical clinic would be built on an already existing property owned by WorldVenture and would sit adjacent to the Sarobidy Maternity Center.
Madagascar, Africa