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Student Ministry

Coming alongside 15,000 university students in our local community is a huge opportunity for evangelism and discipleship. Some of the possible avenues of building bridges with students would be teaching English, teaching computer skills or engaging in sports ministry.

A teachable spirit and attitude of adventure are important characteristics for one to have in Guinea. Being able to feed yourself spiritually is important. Flexibility is key too as we work and live in community. Holistic transformation and life change are slow in coming in our context to those of the majority religion, so perseverance is a wonderful characteristic to possess and see growth in.
Join national Christian students for on-campus Bible studies or at an off site Christian community center in reaching out to those of the majority religion.
Languages can be learned in country with a tutor. For long term service French may be learned in a formal language school.
French and Maninka
The WorldVenture team are presently working in a city of 300,000 people. Village locations are possible too! Living quarters would probably be in a mission owed apartment building. The electricity is solar powered.
It would vary. Some ministries would be a student ministry center and some at the University of Kankan. The university has about 15,000 students many of which come from different regions of the country. There would be involvement with Christian students through Bible studies held at the center and prayer meetings held on campus. The University is about 30 minute walk or a 10 minute moto ride from present housing. Ministry would be with students of many ethnic groups.
Guinea, Africa