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Teacher/Discipler of Church Leaders

Rwanda has many churches. Nearly all of them are pastored by Rwandese. But 80% of them have no Bible training at all. The church is in desperate need of discipleship at all levels. You would be joining a team of missionaries and nationals who are committed to deepening the spiritual depth of the church in Rwanda and preparing the leadership of the next generation.

A Masters degree from an evangelical seminary. Training and reading in cross-cultural communication and being a change agent. Gifted as a teacher. Burden for discipleship. Resilient and adaptable personality. Strong devotional life. Conviction that God wants you in Rwanda with NCM. The WorldVenture missionaries in Rwanda work as a team; the candidate must be willing to work under the leadership of the team and within the context of its benefits and responsibilities. The WV team will be your prime base for spiritual and physical and social support in the early years before language and cultural fluency. However, we expect you will grow into partnerships with Rwandese in mutual discipling relationships. Rwanda is not an easy place to live, thus the stress above on knowing that God wants you in Rwanda with NCM.
After language learning -- teach and disciple! Study Kinyarwanda for 2 years. Develop teaching materials fresh for the Rwandese situation and culture. Teach for practicality and the development of character. Teach to develop their ability to think critically and problem solve. Develop relationships with the students, visiting them in their homes which are in all parts of Rwanda.
Kinyarwanda - Learn on Field
Kigali is a 3rd world city; Kinyarwanda is spoken by all, English by few; the culture is quite different from western ways; it is an insecure region.
Teaching at the NCM center in Kigali Being part of both the WV team and the NCM team
Rwanda, Africa