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TEE Educator

*Note: Availability may be limited due to residence permit restrictions.

Work with a local TEE program. The Middle East in the 21st Century has over 40 evangelical, orthodox and catholic centers for training full-time and part-time leaders for the churches. WorldVenture is looking for women and men who will be theological educators who are able to relate to a dynamic atmosphere of inter-cultural, inter-religious, inter-denominational and international education.

Theological educators in the region are always engaged in learning in this rapidly changing atmosphere of hope and struggle. WorldVenture theological educators need to have finished their basic academic work before coming to the Middle East. The minimum foundation for successful ministry in this atmosphere is a Th.M. or equivalent. This is the research degree that usually follows a M.Div. degree. Ph.D. holders are preferred. If a person comes with a Th.M. only, they need to be aware that it will be necessary to earn a PhD. during their first ten years of ministry from an approved and accredited academic institution.

All of this is necessary because the 21st century Middle East evangelical theological educator must be able to teach students at all degree levels in how to do research that will contribute to the development of churches in multiple contexts of the Middle East.

A WorldVenture theological educator will need to develop a foundation for Arabic reading, writing and speaking early in their time in Jordan or Lebanon. The level of Arabic skill will vary based on personality and other factors. While language is important, educators who relate well to the culture, even though they may not be fluent in Arabic, will find acceptance in Middle Eastern communities.

Placement with one or more theological institutions in the Middle East will occur after the person has settled into the life, culture, and rhythms of the Middle East, or after about two years. Ph.D. holders from all the fields of study of theological education will likely find part-time or full-time placement. Through the Middle East Association for Theological Education,, WorldVenture personnel are able to learn about teaching opportunities in the Middle East and Northern Africa.
Currently, we are looking for a cohort of 5 theological educators with Ph.D.s who could be integrated into the theological education opportunities of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Educators may be asked to participate as team members for: teaching courses in traditional ways, creating hybrid curriculum for face-to-face and web-based learning, conducting research, and mentoring students as ministers, researchers and disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Serious commitment to merit of TEE as compared to regular seminary. Willing to work hard to attain good standard of Arabic language ability. Helpful to have experience/knowledge of teaching in a local church in the areas of Bible study, teaching, pastoral ministry, theology, Biblical languages, CE, adult education and management skills. This opportunity is available to married couples or single males.
Teach theological education courses by extension.
Trained on Field
Families with older children are acceptable, but preference is for preschool aged or younger due to cultural adjustments and cost of education.
Jordan, Europe MENA