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The Unknown Role

Senegal is 95% Muslim and at most .1% Evangelical Christian. The Wolof are the dominant people group, but there are only about 100 known believers among them. Are you thinking of a way to reach people with the Gospel for the Kingdom? We’d like to hear your idea for outreach. We are open to new ideas and ways. Paul in Acts talked about the unknown God. We are looking for the “unknown” missionary role to which God is calling you.

Self-starter yet willing to work on a team. Spiritually mature. Able to graciously teach and be taught. Good interpersonal skills. Passionate about God’s Word. Daily devotional life and consistent Christian life. Able and willing to learn languages. Willing to work among a people who have historically been resistant to the gospel. Some skill, profession, vocation, art or ability though which you share Christ.
Learn Wolof and some French. Learn culture. Discover what is being done in Senegal in your skill/area of expertise/interest. Life on life share Christ. Participate in team life especially prayer, but also help with our facilitating functions in areas of expertise or need.
Could live in Dakar, Thies or Ngaparou. After first term, could remain in one of these towns or move to a more remote location. Apartment or houses for rent. Dakar – big crowded city, lots of traffic, lots of amenities and good Christian school for children using American curriculum. Thies or Ngaparou – smaller towns with less traffic and fewer amenities. British System, French or bilingual schools available for children. Some towns home schooling would be necessary. July through October hot and humid. Coastal areas more moderate December through May.
Join a healthy, well-functioning team of missionaries who are growing in their faith and enjoy being together and praying together. God is definitely at work in Senegal in the lives of Senegalese and missionaries. At least two other church groups have university student hostels, but they don’t begin to cover the Christian students coming. Our related churches are begging us to help provide for additional Christian students to ground them in their faith and help keep them in the church. Our team’s top priorities include: Foster sustainable, healthy, reproducing churches among Wolof, develop professional and vocational people, and Make Disciples of Jesus Christ. We regularly pray for the growth of the church. You could be an answer to our prayers. Come join us.
Senegal, Africa