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University Students Outreach

University students are at a crossroads point in their lives- and are also very reachable with the Gospel. These are the men and women that will go on to greatly influence Uganda’s future through church, business, media, government and professional service. There are many universities and training institutions, but the opportunity to partner with Kampala Baptist Church to reach the nearby Makerere University (the premier university of Uganda) is exceptional. This ministry has amazing potential for evangelism and, especially, discipleship.

Married Couple. Compassionate, teachable, team work, able to work among people with limited resources. Willing to have very broad impact by training others. Flexible, self-motivated and committed to longitudinal discipleship and relationship building. Academic standing of no less than Bachelors, Masters + a strong benefit. Strong biblical knowledge necessary.
Uganda generally has a wonderful climate, average temps 70’s-80’s. You would live in a western-style home or apartment. Kampala is a city of 3.5 million + people desperately chasing success and advancement. Most things are available in Kampala, though traffic is insane and if one has asthma or breathing problems, it might be an option to locate near an upcountry university instead. There are several good options for schooling children of missionaries.
You would work in partnership with Kampala Baptist Church, or potentially another church if locating somewhere else, to reach university students. Your schedule would need to be flexible, and you’d very much need to be a self-starter and able to work independently, though under supervision. Work would take place on campus, at church and even in your home.
Uganda, Africa