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1200-004-Appointee Launch Fund

WorldVenture currently has more than 80 appointees currently in the training and partner development (fundraising) phase! Most are ready and willing to deploy within 12 to 18 months, perhaps sooner if funds were available. We also have many more who hope to be appointed this year and next so they can begin the preparations necessary to to serve around the world for the cause of Christ. One of the biggest obstacles for these faithful workers is funding.

The Appointee Launch Fund was established for the purpose of helping these new missionaries reach the field more quickly. At the 2015 WorldVenture Renewal Conference, President Jeff Denlinger noted the urgent need to enable our workers to start their ministries as soon as possible.

“How committed are we to seeing them get out?” he asked. “We know what happens when missionaries get out there. Long-term relationships begin, and the gospel gets communicated in ways we could never imagine.” ( Click here to view Jeff’s address to the conference! .)

When Jesus tells the Church to go to “all nations,” He means what He says: go to every people group and make disciples. There are currently 16,528 people groups in the world and 40.5 percent are still unreached ( Will you help us?

The gospel is too good, the lost are too important, and our God is too great not to fulfill the Great Commission.

Please consider making a meaningful, financial gift to God’s work through WorldVenture to get newly appointed missionaries out to the unreached!

If you have any questions or want to find out more about how you can make a difference, please contact email Harold Britton, Director of Church Relations or call 720-283-2000 x 2550 to reach him directly. We would love the chance to speak to you about this!