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1200-300-Mobilization Ministries Event Fund

The Mobilization Ministries Event Fund was created to provide opportunity for those who are considering serving in missions to see WorldVenture up close and personal. Currently the main event supported by these funds is the Discover WorldVenture Weekend, which happens three or four times each year.

This weekend event is held at the WorldVenture home office, in The Buker Training Center, so named for the Buker family that served in missions and faithfully recruited scores of new missionaries over the years. Invited guests learn a general overview of the mission, what it is like to apply and serve with WorldVenture, and experience the passion of our staff for global missions.

For many people the cost of flying to Denver, Colorado is prohibitive. Funds in this account, not only cover the event costs, but also provide scholarship funds to cover airfare of those who desire to come but are limited financially. This event has been proven to be very effective and many attendees enter application to become a missionary.

Your gift helps people say “YES!” to missions! Thank you for your generous and meaningful gifts!