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6402-912-Christian Leadership Institute (CLIR)

The Christian Leadership Institute of Rwanda was started in 2015 to provide students with theological education which is grounded in Scripture, focused on character transformation and immediately applicable to life and ministry. Here’s what students say about their experience at CLIR:

“CLIR gives true Biblical teaching and deep analysis of the Bible.”

“CLIR is the best path to take if one wants to become a true Christian leader.”

“The Rwandan Church needs CLIR!”

Many of the systemic issues within the Rwandan Church stem from a lack of well-discipled servant leaders. There is a significant lack of advanced theological training as there is only one evangelical theology program in the whole country. Rwandans who want to study theology are forced to travel to Kenya or to study online at great expense.

Since CLIR began, higher education in Rwanda has undergone dramatic changes. In 2018, accreditation for theological schools became possible for the first time, and in June 2019, it became mandatory, forcing CLIR to temporarily close its doors.

Your giving will help us recruit new staff and reach the standards required to relaunch CLIR as an accredited university. Accreditation is a huge task, but we believe that God will use it to position CLIR for greater impact in Rwanda and beyond.

Thanks for partnering with us to see the vision of CLIR become a reality!