6402-912-Christian Leadership Institute (CLIR)

Currently, New Creation Ministries (NCM) has a unique niche in training leaders for the church in a way that is unparalleled in Rwanda. Bible college leaders and theological educators have repeatedly noted that NCMs strategy for degree level education is unique and will have a powerful impact upon the future of theological education in East and Central Africa. The biggest emphasis for NCM is on training untrained Rwandan pastors in a four-year modular program taught in the Kinyarwanda language.

The goal is to see our students transformed as they study God’s word, resulting in a transformed character and a deep desire to disciple others. This transformation happens through teaching but also visiting ministry sites, intentional mentoring and the development of a strong student community. This is a unique combination in the context of Rwanda.

There is very little to no discipleship of Christian leaders occurring in local churches throughout Rwanda. This is due to a severe lack of education and Biblical training of the pastors and a misbelief that discipleship ends at conversion.

The vision of CLIR is to see leaders made new in Christ and equipped to transform their families, churches and communities by the power of God and His Word.

We have a three-year program of evening classes which are designed to give the student a broad understanding of scripture, theology, and practical ministry applications. The students also receive intentional mentoring during their years at CLIR from spiritually mature staff members.
CLIR is unique in Rwanda in being able to provide a quality education with staff who are familiar with the cultural issues our students face in their churches and communities. In the past, missionaries have done most of the work of teaching and discipling. We now have the blessing of well-trained Rwandan teachers and pastors who are working together with us. These teachers, though, are laborers worthy of their salary. Most of the money donated to this fund will go toward paying the salaries of our Rwandan colleagues.

Student supplies–$5,000
Special Events–$2,000