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6403-900-Senegal, Miscellaneous

As a team, we have a variety of ministries with the same goal – to Equip and Encourage Churches in Senegal. This fund will help the entire field. Sometimes, we use this for field-wide ministries. Other times, we will be able to use this fund for a ministry that is struggling.

Senegal is 95% Muslim and at most, .1% Evangelical Christian. The Wolof are the dominant people group, and there are only about 100 known believers among them. WorldVenture is related to some 27 churches primarily among the Serere People.

This project allows us to assist in many unpredictable but impactful one-time ways. This past year as a team, we were able to help two churches in our association begin a project that will allow them to be more self-sustaining. We were also able to help relieve some of the financial pressures brought on by COVID-19.

Unknown at present. One of the primary purposes for maintaining this Special Project is to have some funds available at a moment’s notice for unpredictable or otherwise difficult to fund one-time needs. As a team, we will pray and seek God’s wisdom for the best use of this fund. If money is sent for a specific project, we will direct it to that project. We will keep donor intent in mind.