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6403-908-Ngaparou Campsite Development

This project provides funds for the renovation and development of a camp on the beach in Senegal. This campsite has been used for many years by people from all over Senegal. Many Senegalese have become Christians at the camp and many Christians have been strengthened in their faith.

By renovating existing structures, building new ones, and equipping these structures with basic living furniture, the Senegal field will equip church leaders to make disciples of Jesus Christ through evangelism and Christian growth camps.

This project will also be facilitating partner missions in the larger cause of Christ as these partners use the campsite for evangelism and discipleship. Another benefit of new camp structures and furniture will be the physical, emotional, and spiritual refreshment of missionaries and national leaders and their families as it serves as a retreat center. Contributions to this project will go towards building new dormitories and improving existing structures for ministry.

A dormitory for 12 people costs $15,000 to build. Bedframes are $60 each. Tables are $100 each. Re-tiling the house costs $500. Adding a second-story addition to the existing house would cost $10,000.