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6403-912-Diourbel Radio Studio

The national church association of Senegal has nearly completed building a recording studio for a weekly Wolof radio program. Funds will be used to purchase equipment and train personnel to operate the studio.

Besides the radio programs, teaching materials and Christian music can also be recorded for use in villages and homes.

Many enterprising musicians in the U.S. are making their homes into recording studios. It would be good to challenge a group to help complete a recording studio in a developing country. Tables, chairs, microphones, rugs, acoustically prepared windows, storage units, CDs, etc. could all become part of various projects for groups.

Studio furniture will include:
–Tables: four for $400
–Chairs: eight for $80
–Microphones: four for $500
–Duplicators: two for $1,000
–Storage units: five for $1,000
–Ventilations system: $1,000
–False ceiling: $1,000
–Electrical hookup: $2,000
–Computer hardware: $2,700
–Printer: $300
–Paint: $200
–Labor: $820