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6403-917-ITES Support for Nationals

The Institut de Theologie Evangelique du Senegal (ITES) trains national church leaders to help churches in Senegal. Currently there are a few nationals on staff at the school but ultimately it would be beneficial to have the school run completely by nationals. The administration would like to hire a full-time Senegalese director.

The primary church leadership training school in Senegal would greatly benefit from having a full-time national director. However, the tuition charged is not sufficient to support a director’s salary.

A Senegalese director could be much more effective in making the school relevant to Senegalese church and cultural needs.

This project will provide the director’s salary for at least three years in order to maximize the effectiveness of the school. The salary would include medical insurance and income taxes to be paid to the government.

The annual salary of a full-time national director would amount to $10,000.