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6403-918-ITES Facilities

The Evangelical Institute of Dakar (IED) is in need of updated facilities. This school trains pastors and lay leaders in Senegal to help strengthen the national church. The funds from this project will be applied to the purchase of an existing building or land where the needed facilities can be built.

Currently the school is located in an apartment and needs to have a defined location apart from this setting. These facilities are also too small for the growing institution. The school needs its own location as this is very important culturally in order to give the school a high enough profile and suitable credibility among nationals.

IED desperately needs new facilities to continue training African church leaders.

Challenge your church or SS class to raise enough for one portion of the building, say, one classroom, the office, or the library. Or track how much of the land money your church or group can purchase.

The lowest cost for a 5,000 sq. ft. plot of land is $40,000. The estimated building costs for the 1st phase of construction are $60,000. The rough estimate for purchasing an existing building instead is $150,000, yet additional funds from other sources would lower this cost to $100,000.