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6403-923-Scriptures to Music

Putting the scriptures, especially the Psalms, to music, will speak to the heart of the listener and provide interludes for the regular audio recordings that will keep the listener engaged. The objective is evangelism and discipleship.

Funding needed for the renting of a recording studio, remuneration given to musicians and to Agsila for composition.

The daughter of the Wolof Bible translator is an accomplished musician who has already made a name for herself in Senegal’s musical circles. Her stage name is Agsila. She has been studying at the Dakar Cultural Center and accompanies herself on the guitar while she sings songs she has composed herself, in Wolof, Serer, Toucouleur, Pular, English and French. In some of her concerts, members of the National Orchestra have accompanied her, such is the respect they have for her talent. She has just burned a CD with four original songs, and approached me with the desire to put some of the Wolof Psalms to music. Her father has heard her compositions and likes them, which says a lot, as he is not easy to please.