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6403-933-Famine Relief

Funds from this project will be used to purchase food staples that will be distributed to a devastated area of Senegal.

A locust plague destroyed much of the crops in the area surrounding Diourbel. Chemicals used to control the infestation poisoned the plant life, which in turn, has killed many animals.

We want to see communities transformed as we encourage and equip the churches in demonstrating kingdom compassion in this time of need.

We are encouraging planting of vegetable gardens where good water is available. Plans need to be made for seed for next year’s cultivation cycle, however, food will need to be distributed in the mean time. Churches and the villages they cover could be adopted. In the area of the Evangelical Baptist Church Association, there are over 1,400 church members and attenders. There are 17 church groups represented besides their own villages, touching 48 other villages.

The village populations range from 150 to 2,000 people. The cost for their staples would be:
–Millet: $300 per ton
–Rice: $400 per ton
–Transport for 30 tons of millet and 26 tons of rice: $600