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6403-942-Vocational Training

These funds will sponsor the training of workers by paying for their course work, food and/or room. Funds will also help purchase tools, materials or needed machines to encourage young men as they begin a career. Job skills will help provide for families, in a dignified way, who will then bless the church with tithes and offerings and allow the workers to assist others.

Demonstrating compassion opens doors to evangelize and plant churches among Muslim peoples.

Scholarships in accounting, business, and computer that were granted in the past have helped develop leaders who currently support themselves while they give leadership to the growing church. This project will enable such scholarships as well as those in the fields of nursing, the trades, and community development.

An auto mechanic scholarship would include $200 for tools and then $125 monthly for ten months.

The vocational training center needs:
–Course curriculum ($1,000)
–Office/teaching supplies ($1,000)
–Desks and chairs ($500)
–Projector ($500)
–Binding machine ($300)
–Dry erase board ($200)
–Printer ($150)
–Fans ($70)