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6403-945-Digital Players for Evangelism

Missionaries who want to see the church in Senegal strongly founded on the Word of God, have made the New Testament available in recorded format. Megavoice, a small, durable, and easy to use digital audio player with its own power source, can hold up to 180 hours of audio. Funds will be used to purchase Megavoice players and distribute them to believers.

Even though an excellent translation of the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament exists in Senegal, the majority of believers there cannot read.

Everyone can have access to God’s word in the privacy of their own homes at an affordable price thanks to Megavoice.

Megavoice is built to make God’s word available to non-literates.

The final price will vary due to customs duty and cost of memory, but it may end up being as cheap as 22,000 cfa per unit.