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6403-962-ITES Rural Pastors Training

Established in 1994 by several western missions (including WorldVenture) and several Senegalese national churches, the Evangelical Theology Institute of Senegal (ITES) is a Bible-based church leadership training school whose mission is to train indigenous leadership for the national church in Senegal and beyond. Currently 53 men and one woman have gone through this training program. This program has really taken off, but it is already difficult just to pay the basic operating expenses of ITES.

There are many more men who would like to go through this training. Without training and encouragement, how will these men continue to feed their flocks?

Paul discipled Timothy, and we would like to disciple/train these men.

Five one-week training sessions are planned during the five dry months of the year, when the pastors are not cultivating their fields. Your kind gift would ensure that this ministry continues to train rural pastors and laymen spread out all over Senegal.

Each of the five training sessions costs around $900.