6403-969-Advanced Theological Education

There are very few well-trained Christian Church leaders in Senegal. The candidate for advanced theological education, Moïse Dieme, is currently a pastor, and a Bible Institute professor. In the past, he has served on the leadership team of the Association of Evangelical Churches in Senegal. He has a heart to see his country evangelized and has the ambition, capability, and has proved himself to be an effective teacher and church leader.

Leadership development has a high priority on the Senegal Field list of ministry objectives. The candidate would desire to earn a doctorate degree in Theology.

The church in Senegal is growing, but the evangelical community is still estimated to be less than 1%. Churches are often not well grounded because the church leaders have had a limited amount of Biblical training. Young people are often attracted to false religions which are more and more prevalent. New teachings such as the prosperity gospel are mixed with the older traditional religions. The term has been used by the candidate that the church today is not “well-rooted” in its Christian beliefs.

The candidate’s interest would be to mentor and teach church leaders who will recognize and understand the needs of the Senegalese. The candidate would develop strategies to train leaders to make sure they have a firm foundation of who they are in Christ. After individuals have a clear understanding of who they are in Christ, they will be more prepared to learn effective methods of evangelism and church planting,

The students studying at the International University of Development in Yaoundé, Cameroon have the option of using a distance learning approach. The doctoral program will take about three years. Most of Moïse’s work will be done in Senegal. His program consists of five phases which are not restricted to any specific amount of time to complete. He is currently finishing phase two and has begun writing his doctoral thesis. IUDI has various programs to choose from, all Biblically-based. There are programs in Business Administration, Intercultural studies, Science Ed, Theological studies, and Linguistic studies. The program Moïse is currently enrolled in is a formation in Theological studies.

Standard tuition is a set fee of 4,455,000 CFA for the full five phases. The exchange rate in various currencies changes daily. For example: If it were Senegal today this amount would be divided by about 540 to arrive at the amount in dollars. Not all students use dollars, but the school fees must be paid in the currency of Cameroon – CFA. The initial amount paid is 30,000, the educational phases are 3,225,000, and the final phase for certification is 1,200,000.