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6403-976-Ajami Serer Publications

This project will be used in evangelism and discipleship, aiming at readers of Arabic whose mother tongue is Serer.

The Lutheran Church of Senegal gave permission to produce Exodus in Ajami Serer in 2014. Mary Anne Lattin had 50 copies printed and distributed them to leaders who had been in the Ajami Serer workshop in 2012. She also passed out copies to the Lutheran Church of Senegal.

As this church with their missionaries completes the revision of the Bible in Serer, Mary Anne Lattin will have texts to work on. There is a Finnish Lutheran missionary who reads Arabic and a newly retired Serer Lutheran Pastor who reads Arabic. Both are excited about this project. The president of the Evangelical Baptist Church Association is also sharing these documents with others who read Ajami Serer.

$300: printing of 50 pilot comb-binding copies of individual documents/books in Serer. This can be done at a photocopy establishment in Thi├Ęs, Senegal. An average cost of books, depending on size is $300 for 50 copies. So this amount should be taken for each book of the Bible that is produced in this Script.
$500: Workshop in training local Christian leaders to read and write Serer in Arabic letters.
$500 to provide for transportation expenses for local Christian Serer leaders in distributing Ajami Serer publications.