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6404-904-Pastors Medical Fund

This project will provide funds for pastors in Uganda who need major medical care for themselves and their immediate family. At present, pastors must struggle to come up with the funds or face dire consequences, even death.

Rural pastors face major medical challenges every day in Uganda, challenges that could potentially wipe them out financially because they usually only make $25 to $50 a month. If a pastor breaks an arm or a leg riding his bicycle for ministry, how does he get the medical care he needs so that he can get back on his feet and minister again? Unfortunately, pastors are often forced to either sell their small land that they use to feed themselves or not to use medical facilities at all because they have no money. Some even die because they cannot afford the help medical facilities can give.

Specific needs include treatment costs for dental work, emergency childbirth, major accidents and operations. This fund will help pastors in times of great need when their medical problems are too big for them to handle.