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6404-906-Pastor’s Child Education

This project provides the needed funds to sponsor and pay for school fees, enabling children of pastors to attend school.

In Uganda the average pastor’s family can have eight or more kids. Often more than one of them are in high school at the same time. With the average pastor’s salary at $15 a month and the cost per child to attend high school is $200 per year, most pastors’ kids go without an education.

We seek to care for the needs of the wider body of Christ, since a pastor’s salary in Uganda cannot support the school fees of his children.

Since the Pastor’s Children fund started, there have been over 100 pastors who have been able to attend school without interruption. This is currently meeting the needs of 23 pastors, but there are over 1,000 Baptist pastors in Uganda.

It costs $200 a year to sponsor a high school student and about $30 per year for a grade school student. We are at this time sponsoring 98 students.