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6404-914-Nyabugando Baptist Secondary School

Often Christian young people are sent away to boarding school at the secondary level. This project is set up to assist in building and equipping the Baptist Secondary School in Nyabugando. The school is associated with the Nyabugando Baptist Church and provides a Christian education to the leaders of the future.

Nyabugando Baptist Church has developed a primary school with over 1,000 students of church members and children from the community. This ministry and outreach has naturally led to the development of a secondary school to help children complete their education through the S4 level and vocational studies.

This project has helped nurture a significant outreach and church development ministry as young people, both saved and non-Christian, are given the opportunity for good quality education and vocational training.

Some parts of this project are:
–laboratory ($17,000)
–library ($15,000)
–vocation training center ($27,000)