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6404-918-Education Resources & Building

This project has the broad purpose of lending a helping hand to primary and secondary schools associated with the Baptist Union of Uganda.

At the Bwaise Baptist Primary School, approximately 200 students in grades 1 through 7 study in five roughly constructed classrooms with dirt floors that are open to the elements and a dilapidated mud church building. Eighty percent of the students are orphans and unable to pay the requisite school fees. The school is located in one of the major slum areas of Kampala that floods whenever there are substantial rains, such that the school courtyard is literally a pool of mud and algae during the rainy season. Only one out of 10 teachers has adequate training. Most of the few textbooks the school owned were lost when the school offices flooded during the last rainy season.

Some of the schools lack adequate facilities, do not have teaching resources, and the teachers lack appropriate training. There is also a tremendous need for teachers’ seminars in order to upgrade academic knowledge and teaching skills, as well as to stimulate new vision in regards to the potential spiritual impact such schools can have in the lives of students, staff, and ultimately on the nation as a whole.

This project would make the funds available to work toward the overall improvement of education while at the same time targeting transformation of individual lives, formation of future church and national leaders, and transformation of Ugandan society.

Ten classrooms, an office, and a pit latrine need to be constructed before the school in Bwaise can be granted legal status by the government.

A gift of $5,000-$6,000 would make it possible to construct one classroom that conforms to government regulations. A sheet of roofing tin costs $7. Each board is $3; each sack of cement, $12.12; each Bible, $4.50; and each textbook, $0.50.