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6404-924-Bible School Irrigation

Water is life. This project will provide access to water that is much needed at the Western Uganda Baptist Theological College. Students and staff at the college raise their own crops for food. Every two years the area experiences a drought that destroys the crops. Funds from this project will be used to build a solar energy-driven irrigation system. The college will also share the water with the nearby community.

It would be a huge waste to let this school die for lack of water. They have trained national teachers and run an effective pastoral training program. There is not another Bible school like this in Uganda.

If the project works as planned, it will also open up the opportunity to use the Bible school as a place where people could get further training in better agricultural practices.

This project has been designed by EMI, an engineering missions group.

Teachers at the Bible school only earn around $18 per month. They sacrifice because they see the importance of training pastors for Baptist churches in rural Uganda.