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6404-930-Internship in Discipleship

Create an intensive internship in discipleship for 10 men and 10 women during six months of their nine-month break between high school and further studies.

There is a severe lack of moral training, therefore character does not develop along with education, thus there is a lack of integrity.

The Uganda field hopes to aid the church, which realizes the tremendous lack of mentorship and discipleship. The church will be strengthened through intentional mentorship, job creation, skill development, and body and soul care.

The interns will be mentored in Bible study, life decisions and ministry skills while working in the internship business (carpentry for men and culinary for women). We will locate within Buganda. Joining a business and agricultural project to the internship will provide subsidization of food and cost of internship, have a presence in our community making sense to average people, help students see the sacredness of work and its balance with rest, demonstrate integrity in action, and provide context for life on life discipleship.

Phase 1 and 2 (pilot) has $5,000 being raised by a sending church. Phase 3 will include land, classroom, and workshop objectives, needing $95,600. Phase 4 of long-term staff housing and two intern dorms will need $160,000.