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6404-931-Pastor’s Kindle Resource Library

Pastors’ Kindle Resource Library is an effort to supply pastors who can read English with a resource library of books relevant to the needs of their ministry. All of these books could be placed on a Kindle, a small electronic reader, and managed in a way that would encourage the pastor to read and grow.

In Uganda, most pastors do not have access to any books that would help them in their sermon preparation and ministry. Books are expensive and hard to come by. Libraries are nonexistent or inaccessible by students studying at a Bible college.

Imagine a Ugandan pastor with a study library that he can carry with him that weighs ounces and works like a cell phone.

Books needed include: study Bibles, word study books about the Bible, commentaries, books on doctrine, theology, the cults, and ethics. There are thousands of books available on the Kindle for pastoral study.

A lot of great study books for pastors cost over $30 in print. To send that book to Uganda would cost over $10 in postage. An ESV study Bible costs $27. The price on a Kindle with shipping is $9.99. The cost of shipping eight books is comparable to buying one Kindle electronic reader. The one $10 books can be shared with five readers, making the book now cost $2 per reader.