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6404-935-127 Uganda Initiative

Bringing Healing to Children in Uganda

The 1:27 Uganda Initiative is based on the admonition of James 1:27, specifically caring for orphans. The project is designed to provide necessary surgery for orphan children in Uganda. These surgeries might be lifesaving… or they might be life-changing, like a simple surgery (cleft lip or hernia repair) which may improve the chances of a child being adopted.

1:27 gives medical surgeries to those children that are the most marginalized of already marginalized children. Many homeless children die between the ages of 2-4 years old. They suffer with no one to care for them and love them.

Most orphanages cannot afford the financial burden of taking on children in need of surgeries. They do not have the staff to travel, to spend days and nights at hospitals, and servicing the post-operative care for sick children. But we can!

1:27 Uganda Initiative gives these children Hope and Help… to be taken in, to be cared for, to be given an education, and to be given a chance at health and wholeness. With corrective surgery, these children can live!

We have seen God leading children to us in miraculous ways! And we have not had to turn these children away thanks to the 1:27 Uganda Initiative. Word has gone out through medical clinics and Christian organizations to contact us when medical emergencies and surgery needs arise for the children. The impact is truly immeasurable! And with your help, we are helping the fatherless, the orphan, even as James 1:27 reminds us!

1:27 Uganda Initiative has changed the lives of some of the most needy children. Best of all, while some children have been reunited with their existing families, others have found new parents through foster care and adoption! The medical support you help us provide not only improves lives, it saves lives!

We appreciate every gift you give to 1:27 Uganda Initiatives. You aren’t just giving to the children, you are giving to Jesus Christ who loves children! No matter the size of the gift, it is the heart of each giver for whom we are most grateful. Thank you for your kind hearts!